Tranquil Aquatic Habitats for the Home Garden
Tranquil aquatic habitats for the home garden.
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PONDLESS! The name is a misnomer. Actually , there is a pond at the base of your recirculating stream--its just not visible. You can have the sights and sounds of a running stream and waterfalls without any of the maintenance or safety issues of a pond and stream combination. If you don't want the potential liability of open water, and don't plan on becoming a pond or Koi hobbyist, then PONDLESS is for you! We can create any size stream with multiple cascades and waterfalls on nearly any terrain--you don't need a sloped yard or hill. Call today for a quote. No fee for initial consultation!

Carnaroli pondless feature


Neves pondless feature


Thompson pondless feature


Collis pondless feature