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To spray or not to spray---that is the question! In Integrated Pest Management, used increasingly in the agriculture industry, frequent inspections of crops determine the necessity of spraying pests in crops, or recommending cultural practice changes like watering, hand weeding, or other procedures to reduce pesticide usage, and maintain a healthy crop. Knowing and understanding all of the variables involved in producing a particular crop is essential in making recommendations. This practice is gaining more acceptance in the Urban setting to reduce the amount of pesticides and fertilizer in our Residential Environment. The use of IPM in the Urban environment has many benefits, including reduced runoff through storm water channels to rivers, lakes and streams. While not necessarily reducing the costs to the customer in the residential setting (Not everyone knows enough to make a competent diagnosis and treatment plan in such a complicated urban environment), it is the "Green Thing" to do! Please check my credentials page to decide if you can trust your "local environment" to me. I offer only the IPM approach on my "Spray Programs". Please note that these programs are offered only on a "Pre-Paid" basis (Consider this a retainer). Sorry--no single spray applications!  
Organic options!  This year, we are offering true organic fertilizer options to both our Lawn And Tree Programs(IPM).  While this doesn't make these programs ORGANIC, it is a step in the right direction. The fertilizer option for lawns has an added benefit, in that it is reported to be a Deer repellent.Short term odor problems have also been reported.   Let us know when we bring you a proposal if this is your choice, and I can go over the benefits and drawbacks of the options!